Online Program Launch

Applying a project management approach, we provide a turnkey solution to help program directors move from the idea stage to actual implementation for new online programs. Our project managers will develop a time line, identify key milestones to maintain project momentum, coordinate efforts with internal and external partners, and ensure the successful launch of new programs.

We guide you through the steps to move the program forward. We supply resources for the market feasibility study, connect you with enrollment management, and explain the curricular approval process. Our instructional designers will work with you to plan a related set of courses that cohere as a program. If your college lacks the necessary start-up funding, we can support you through strategic investment, with a customized memorandum of understanding to arrange payback from your academic unit over time.

We also are ready to assist faculty and students as the program launches and matures. We help faculty prepare for online teaching, and our student services professionals connect distance learners to the University, and can help with retention and success.

Vendor Management

Our new programs may want to rely on vendor partners for enrollment management or other services. We can help them negotiate, review, and process the agreement; manage the relationship and data; and connect the vendor with key OHIO contacts to ensure students receive the highest level of service.

Program Administrative Support

We provide administrative support to meet critical needs that accompany your program’s launch and maintenance. Our staff will confirm the appropriate courses are available for registration, coordinate efforts with stakeholders, sequence course production, assign student codes, and more. We teach course facilitators how to effectively assist online course faculty with grading, managing discussion boards, communicating with students, and other duties. We also are responsible for ensuring the University is in compliance with laws for state authorization regarding its operation in states outside Ohio.

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