Course Design or Redesign

Course Design or Redesign

Our team is experienced in assessing how people learn, meeting the needs of a changing and diverse student body, and managing complex design processes and other projects. We help faculty deliver the highest quality instruction within well-constructed learning environments.

In addition to designing new courses, we also offer course redesign through a systematic and informed review of existing course structure and implementation that can identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. We are available to perform classroom observation, review a course syllabus, evaluate technology use, and more.

The instructional designers work in tandem with faculty and instructional technologist to create multimedia solutions that fit faculty desires for course content. Our team leverages OHIO technologies with trending multimedia facets that both engage students and ensure the proper delivery while still incorporating your personal touch as the instructor. For strategically significant projects, additional investment in interactive animations or the development of specialized technologies may be considered.

Please schedule a consultation with us to discuss your course goals. We will provide customized solutions focused on integrating appropriate teaching methods, tools, and technologies based on your course objectives.

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