Advance Instructional Practice and Deepen Student Learning

We help faculty, course facilitators, graduate assistants, and other instructional staff as they enhance their teaching effectiveness to foster student learning. Whether you are teaching online or in a classroom, we will work with you to incorporate theory-based instructional strategies, practice-based teaching methods, and a variety of educational tools to advance your desired outcomes.

Below are a few examples of three types of support we may suggest. Please note that this is not a complete list. We are always experimenting to find the best solution for each instructor.

  • Theory-Based Instructional Strategies
    Experiential learning, active learning, differentiated learning, and problem-based learning

  • Practice-Based Teaching Methods
    Lecture (direct instruction), discussion, case studies, and labs/studios

  • Educational Tools
    Learning management tools, presentation tools, social networking tools, and communication tools

Implement Technology

Our instructional designers have expertise in integrating technology into a course. We help faculty more effectively incorporate tools they already use or experiment with emerging technology. Innovative tools can enhance students’ learning experiences, as well as provide faculty with resources to find new ways to engage students, communicate expectations, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks

Adapt to Innovative Learning Environments

Our specialists support faculty as they acclimate to new learning environments, such as Active Learning Classrooms, a variety of makerspaces, and other unique spaces. We have studied how design can impact learning, and we will share those insights to prepare you to use an innovative environment. We also can connect you with other faculty who have successfully worked in an innovative space.

Contact OII

If you need assistance implementing instructional strategies, teaching practices, or educational tools, contact us for more information. Our staff will schedule a consultation with you to discuss options to resolve whatever challenges you face.

To report a problem with Blackboard or another University system, please contact OIT. They will be able to provide technical support.

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