The Office of Instructional Innovation provides the following services:

  • Instructional support services, including consultation and workshops focused on course (re)design; quality review of existing courses; and Blackboard course development.

  • Program support services, such as ensuring authorization to operate in states outside of Ohio, managing online program launches, and maintaining vendor relations.

  • Online student support services, including advising, retention, and engagement efforts.

  • Faculty development services, such as scholarly resources, consultation, class observation, workshops, and programs.

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Instructional Support Services

Traditional teaching methods are under intense pressure today. Insights regarding how people learn, the need to innovate to reach more students more efficiently and effectively, and sophisticated empirical studies of students in various learning environments are among the many reasons for shifting expectations and the search for new ways to design and deliver curricula. Just as OHIO provides planning, construction, and facilities support in designing and maintaining physical classrooms, in the spirit of collaboration and partnership, we offer a variety of services to help instructors achieve their teaching goals both in the classroom and online.

  • New course design and implementation: Designing transformative learning environments requires knowledge of how people learn, an understanding of how technologies can be effectively integrated, and project management of a complex design process. Successful teaching within well-designed environments requires skill and understanding to meet the needs of a changing and diverse student body. Our expert team can help instructors design and deliver the highest quality instruction.
  • Course redesign: Systematic and informed review of existing course design and implementation that can serve to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement (e.g., classroom observation, syllabus review, evaluation of technology use, and more).
  • Production of digital course environments (e.g., supplement to classroom-based course or a fully online course): Using a flexible course development process that includes the instructor as a partner in the design and creation of the course to whatever degree they prefer.
    • This includes media production, such as video and narrated PowerPoint, as well as Blackboard course building. For strategically significant projects, additional investment in highly interactive animations or the development of specialized technologies may be considered.
  • Consultation: Personal sessions regarding selection and effective integration of appropriate teaching methods, tools, and technologies within the course.

Program Support Services

An increasing number of programs—degree completion, master’s and professional degrees, and new stackable certificates—are being identified as opportunities for OHIO to extend its expertise to new student populations. Launching online or blended programs is a highly complex process, and the University is building capacity to support program directors and academic units in their successful launch and maintenance of programs. Our office works in partnership and close collaboration with many other central and collegiate offices.

  • Online program launch management: Applying a project management approach, we provide a turnkey solution to help program directors move from the idea stage to the actual implementation of new online programs.
    • This includes developing a time line, identifying key milestones to ensure project momentum, working with internal and external partners to coordinate efforts, and ensuring the successful launch of new programs.
  • Curricular-level design services: Designing a course is one thing; designing a connected set of courses that cohere as a program is quite another. Our instructional design team will work to ensure this coherence.
  • Strategic investment support: This is available for promising program launches when the academic unit lacks the necessary start-up funding. Because there are limited University funds to arrange an initial launch investment, a customized memorandum of understanding will arrange payback from the academic unit over time.
  • Vendor management services: Our office reviews and processes contracts, manages relationships and data, and processes financial transactions.
  • Administrative support: Provided in order to meet critical organizational coordinating needs that accompany program launch and maintenance.
    • This includes ensuring arrangement of student codes and that courses are available for registration for the appropriate students at the appropriate time, arranging meetings and managing coordinated efforts with stakeholders, sequencing course production so courses are ready as needed during program launch, and more.
  • Obtain state authorization to ensure the University’s compliance with state and federal laws regarding operations within other states.

Online Student Support Services

Online programming is increasingly competitive, and along with high quality courses we will need a high-touch high-care student support system that meets the needs of our online students. Once students are enrolled in an eCampus or distance-learning program, our student services professionals work to provide proactive support to ensure students maintain academic progress and develop a connection to Ohio University. See what these services include.

  • Advising online students as they register and proactively engaging at-risk students in coordination with their instructors.
  • Retention efforts: Ensure students persist, and when they step out that we do all in our power to encourage their return.
  • Engagement efforts to forge a special bond between our students and our institution. We want all of our students to feel they’re a part of the Bobcat family. This will inform course- and program-level design considerations, effective use of social networking tools to connect students at a distance to the OHIO community, and much more.

Faculty Development Services

Our Center for Teaching and Learning offers expertise, programming, and administrative support to help faculty and instructional staff move forward in their success at Ohio University. See what our services include.

  • Consultation services: This one-on-one confidential service focuses on the individual needs of an instructor, whether they are seeking to improve their teaching performance in the classroom; explore new pedagogical models; or develop effective student feedback, assessment, and evaluation processes.
  • Faculty Learning Communities: Participation in small, interest-driven communities will be available to support focused, collaborative exploration of a particular topic or area of concern.
  • Programs: A growing portfolio of extended cohort-based programs is available for faculty, instructors, and graduate teaching assistants to help build skill and understanding in a rapidly evolving instructional landscape. Program commitments, incentives, and anticipated outcomes will vary according to the program.
  • Recognition and awards: Recognition for teaching excellence occurs at many levels at OHIO. We offer administrative and event support to honor award recipients for select institutional awards, we are committed to building a growing and curated library of digital stories featuring our innovative instructors, and we will support a variety of events to showcase teaching excellence.


The Office of Instructional Innovation is associated with the following organizations:

  • Education Advisory Board (EAB)
  • Eduventures
  • National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)
  • Online Learning Consortium (OLC)
  • Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD Network)
  • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

OHIO faculty and staff who want to suggest an organization OII should consider joining can contact us.

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