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Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students. Meaningful assessment of learning—gathering evidence of the knowledge, skills, and competencies students gain through the college experience—is one tool that enables faculty and staff to support OHIO’s mission.

To advance institution-wide assessment efforts, OHIO seeks faculty to participate in one of four Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) dedicated to assessing one of its common learning goals for bachelor’s degree programs. The FLCs have been developed through a collaboration among the Office of the President; the Office of the Provost; the Office of Institutional Research; the Office of Instructional Innovation; the Teaching, Learning, & Assessment Committee; and the Faculty Senate’s University Curriculum Council.


Each FLC will pilot assessment plans for one of four common learning goals: quantitative literacy, critical thinking, written communications, or teamwork. Each FLC will be asked to (a) develop processes to assess student learning, (b) use rubrics to evaluate student demonstrations of learning, and (c) evaluate and communicate assessment results.

Additional information about each FLC is as follows:

  • Length: Three semesters—fall 2018, spring 2019, and fall 2019
  • Composition: One faculty leader and five to seven participants
  • Meetings: A maximum of seven times per semester (likely 3:05–4:25 p.m.), plus one three-hour orientation the week prior to the fall 2018 start of classes. (Remote meeting attendance options will be available.)
  • Time Commitment: 15–20 hours per semester for leaders and 10–12 hours per semester for participants
  • Stipend(s): $1,000 per semester for leaders and $500 per semester for participants

We are seeking faculty from across campuses and disciplines who have an interest in one or more of the FLC topics, undergraduate education, and assurance of learning through assessment. Any full-time OHIO faculty member who plans to teach an undergraduate course with the FLC topic as a course learning outcome during the spring 2019 semester is welcome to apply.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Katie Hartman (project coordinator) at

Click to apply online no later than Friday, May 4, 2018.



Dr. Katherine "Katie" Hartman is an associate professor and chair for the marketing department; she teaches marketing strategy, marketing research, and consumer behavior. Dr. Hartman is also director of assessment for the College of Business, chair of Faculty Senate’s Educational Policy and Student Affairs Committee, and co-chair of University Curriculum Council’s General Education Committee. She has led undergraduate program assessment initiatives in the College of Business including the use of the Association of American Colleges & Universities’ VALUE rubrics to assess student learning for the past four years.