The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is dedicated to supporting, nurturing, and strengthening faculty skills. Services are available to all instructors, from new teaching assistants to seasoned faculty members. Through workshops, programs, recognition, scholarly resources, and other support, CTL provides professional development and programming to help instructors thrive. Faculty members’ success in creating meaningful learning experiences leads to increased student engagement and achievement.

CTL strives to:

  • Respond to the teaching and professional development needs of faculty, instructors, and graduate students at different points in their careers
  • Encourage mentoring relationships within the teaching and learning community
  • Promote leadership roles of faculty and other colleagues in teaching and learning initiatives, including graduate students as future faculty
  • Strengthen linkages between CTL and other programs and units across the University that also are integral to the teaching and learning missions of the University
  • Foster collaborative initiatives in the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Highlight excellence in teaching and learning at Ohio University

In 2015, the Center for Teaching & Learning became part of the Office of Instructional Innovation.


Tim Vickers
Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
vickerst@ohio.edu | 740.593.2681

Tim Vickers has worked in the Center for Teaching & Learning since 1998 and has more than 30 years of experience in education. He holds master’s degrees in both applied linguistics and philosophy, and he has taught linguistics and technology in education courses for over 20 years. Vickers’s wealth of knowledge related to teaching and learning, along with his desire to emphasize teaching excellence, makes him a dedicated faculty champion. He connects instructors to scholarly articles and evidence-based practices that spur their success.


To contact the CTL with any questions or requests, please reach out to the Office of Instructional Innovation or email Tim Vickers directly.