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Facilitating Student Career Development Faculty Learning Community

The Facilitating Student Career Development Faculty Learning Community (FLC) helps faculty identify opportunities for enhancing confidence and skills in leading career-related conversations with students in any discipline. Participants in this FLC will learn how to actively engage students in career development. Preparing students for success during their time in college is central to our work as educators. With the many paths students take to pursue interests and opportunities, supporting exploration and ways for students to gain experience can feel overwhelming.

In spring 2020, there will be two FLC cohorts, with one offered face-to-face and a separate online cohort. All meetings for the online cohort will take place using Zoom, with no in-person meetings required. The online cohort is intended for faculty at the regional campuses and those teaching online. The face-to-face cohort will meet in person on the Athens Campus.

Participants will explore the following questions throughout the course of the FLC:

  • What experiences have you had related to students seeking career guidance?
  • What is the role of faculty and advisors in facilitating career development conversations with students?
  • How can supporting your students' career development impact your own professional success?
  • How can supporting your students' career development impact your department’s success?
  • How did you determine your own career path?

Intended Outcomes

By the end of fall semester 2020, participants will:

  • Identify a personal strategy to intentionally engage students in career planning and career development conversations both in and out of the classroom
  • Communicate examples of when to help students connect with other resources relevant to career development
  • Review successful career readiness strategies from colleagues in other disciplines
  • Create an artifact demonstrating the value of a degree in their discipline (e.g., student outcome information, marketing materials for recruiting events)

Additional Information

Timeline: Both FLC cohorts will meet throughout spring 2020 and fall 2020. Both cohorts will be capped at 12 participants for each group.

Funding: All accepted participants who attend 80 percent of the FLC meetings will receive $1,000 in funding to support students’ career development. You will be required to submit a formal proposal outlining how you will use the funds (including a budget) prior to the funds’ distribution. Examples of appropriate fund use include designing a career-related program for students, creating guides for current students, and developing marketing materials that communicate the value of the discipline to prospective students.

Materials: Readings will be distributed electronically through Blackboard prior to meetings for your review.

Time commitment: Expect to spend one to two hours weekly preparing for meetings and testing strategies in your work with students.

Application Process: Applications are due by Friday, December 6. Selected participants will be notified by Friday, December 20 regarding acceptance into the FLC for spring 2020. Interested faculty are encouraged to contact Imants Jaunarajs, assistant vice president and executive director for the Career & Leadership Development Center, at with questions.

Click to apply for the online FLC no later than December 6.

Program Facilitators

The in-person FLC will be co-facilitated by Dr. Amanda Cox, Gaby Castaneda-Gleason, Imants Jaunarajs, and Lindsey Ward, with special assistance from Tim Vickers from the Center for Teaching & Learning. The online cohort will be co-facilitated by Zach McGrain and Imants Jaunarajs.

Imants Jaunarajs
Imants serves as the Assistant Vice President and Executive Director for the Career & Leadership Development Center (CLDC).

Gaby Castaneda-Gleason
Gaby serves as the Assistant Professor of Instruction in Linguistics.

Amanda Cox
Amanda serves as the Assistant Professor of Instruction in Sociology.

Zach McGrain (online cohort)
Zach serves as the Associate Director for Career Development Integration in the CLDC.

Lindsey Ward
Lindsey serves as the Associate Director for Leadership, Inclusion, and Staff Training in the CLDC.