Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey

Following are results of Ohio University's participation in the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey. The CIRP is conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA in cooperation with the American Council on Education. The questionnaire asks students about their expectations of their college experience, their high school experiences, their degree goals and career plans, their college finances, their attitudes and values, and their reasons for attending college.

The table compares Ohio University's student responses to three different external comparison groups: all universities; public universities; and medium-selective public universities. The tables show percentages of item responses for males, females, and males and females combined.


2012 CIRP Results

2012 CIRP Theme Reports (PDF)

2012 CIRP Construct Reports (PDF)

2012 CIRP Institutional Profile Reports (PDF)


2009 CIRP Results (pdf)


2006 CIRP Results (pdf)


2000 CIRP Results (pdf)


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