Institutional Research Support of Academic Department-Based Assessment


Pre-Institute Workshop

The 2002 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

November 3 5, 2002

Indianapolis, IN


This demonstration given at the 2002 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis profiled institutional research support of academic department-based assessment by first describing how faculty and administrators worked together to integrate regular academic program review and student outcomes assessment.  Second, the demonstration covered how the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides central support of Academic Assessment at this institution.  Academic departments rely on OIR for direct, central acceess to much of the data they need.  The presentation demonstrated OIR's web site's organization and components, which are instrumental in supporting Academic Assessment.  Third, the demonstration presented OIR's specific initiative to provide all academic departments with program-specific outcomes assessment data requested by the departments.  The following links are resources utilized during this presentation.



Ohio University Office of Institutional Research Home Page

Power Point Presentation

Alumni Survey Questionnaires

Career and Further Education Survey Questionnaires

Assessment Bibliography

Ohio University Office of Institutional Research Surveys

Key to Centrally Collected Data - (PDF)

Suggested Uses for Student Involvement Survey Results - (PDF)

Types of Assessments

Assessment Method Selection Criteria Matrix

The 2002 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis Home Page





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