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March 10, 2003
Sibs make the most of their visit to Ohio University
By Jack Jeffery

The family atmosphere exemplifying the Ohio University experience was in full force during Sibs Weekend, Feb. 28 to March 2, when current students were joined by their brothers, sisters and others for a weekend-long bash. Continuing with tradition, the family fete engaged the efforts of alumni, current students and possible future Bobcats.

Nineteen busloads of sibs, approximately 950 family members in all, joined in the fun, merging with those who chose other means of transportation. The bus trips, which originated from nine cities, were sponsored and coordinated by Alumni Association chapters in those cities.

having funWhile on campus, the young brothers, sisters and cousins joined the Ohio University students in a range of social, recreational and athletic events - or just spent time together. It's an event that introduces the sibs to life on a college campus and reintroduces them to their brothers and sisters.

"I had a wonderful time hanging out with my sister and experience campus life," says Diana Tenzek, 16, of Hanoverton, Ohio, who, along with her sister, Tricia, 13, visited big sister, Kelly. "I really liked going to the basketball game. It was neat to see all of the action and participation with the fans. I also enjoyed going to Baker Center and watching the different bands play."

"I had a lot of fun just hanging out with my sister and meeting all of her new friends," she adds.

"It was nice to share my college experience with my younger siblings. I was able to show them where I live, where I have class, what I do for fun and let them meet the people I see every day," Kelly Tenzek says. "Now, when I talk to them about college life, they better understand what I'm discussing. They've had the opportunity to see my room, walk around campus and get a feel for the personality of the university."

having fun"When my sisters met my college friends, they hit it off right away, and my friends became their friends," she adds. "This being my first year away from home, my sisters and I are in the midst of a new relationship, and this weekend strengthened our friendship."

Anjuli Lochan, a high school senior from Cleveland, made the most of her time. She enjoyed the variety talent show, RecFest at the Ping Student Recreation Center, the Busta Rhymes concert and other activities while visiting her cousin, Candice Brooks. "My time at Ohio University was well spent," Lochan says. "I was rather sad to leave on Sunday because I needed a vacation away from home to see what it's like to be on a college campus and to understand what it'll be like for me in the fall."

"I had a blast. I loved seeing my sister and getting to spend time with her," Ohio University student Brandy Armstrong says of the time spent with her sister, Jessica, 15, and three of her friends from Vandalia, Ohio. "I'm real close with my sister so it means a lot to me to show her a good time and for her to get away from her routine for a weekend. It was like a small vacation for her."

Sibs Weekend is one of five family weekend events the university hosts each year. The others are Fall Parents Weekend, Dads Weekend, Winter Parents Weekend and Moms Weekend. They're designed to strengthen family bonds during each student's time on campus.

"When a student leaves for college, parents often face two new realities: They miss seeing their children on a regular basis and they welcome the opportunity to spend time with them and get to know their campus surroundings," Dean of Students Terry Hogan says. "Family Weekends help to accomplish both goals."

Jack Jeffery is a media specialist for University Communications and Marketing


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