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  • November 26, 2002
    Shoes to show pieces
    By Jaime Ciavarra

    Bowling shoes have never looked so good. Ohio University Baker Center, after closing its bowling alley, donated about 30 pairs of bowling shoes to the Dairy Barn. To raise money for the cultural arts center, local artists transformed tired sneakers into a project that bowls over the ordinary.

    Bowling Shoe video "The University had hundreds of extra shoes that were not going to be used," said Julie Clark, program director for the Dairy Barn. "A (Dairy Barn) board member said to an (Ohio University) administrator, we have creative minds. We'll take them." The center contacted local members from its artists list to decorate and incorporate the shoes into creative projects. Painters, sculptors and even a carpenter transformed pairs of scuffed shoes into striking creations.

    The shoes have reappeared, by artistic expression, in a quilt, a bag and a planter. One painter burned the shoes and mixed the ash into a painting. A carpenter, after tearing the shoe's fabric to replicate small footprints, placed the pieces on a small replica of the Dairy Barn.

    The art was featured in the "Move it!: Studies in Motion" exhibit at the Dairy Barn's Sauber Gallery, and the projects were sold in a silent auction in November, 2002. Funds raised were used for educational programs and supplies for the Dairy Barn, Clark said.


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