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Related Technologies

Information about the various AIDC technologies can be found at the links below. Additionally, Scan:The Data Capture Report now has a end-user forum where you can find out information from others on any of the AIDC technologies.

Bar Coding

  • BarCode1 - Source for various information about bar codes, software and AIDC topics in general
  • EC Workshops - Information on GTIN, EDI/XML and electonic commerce
  • GTIN Rules - Information on the GTIN allocation rules, maintained by GS1.


Contact Memory

  • iButtons - One of the more popular forms of contact memory

Card Technologies

  • Smart card primer - A primer on what smart cards are from the Smart Card Association web site.
  • Smart card news - An independent International subscription newsletter launched in 1992.


  • EPCGlobal Inc. - The driving force behind much of the RFID technology adoption that is currently being experienced. This group started as the Auto-ID Center at MIT and is now the standards organization.
  • EPC Specifications - Ratified standards and specifications for the electronic product code (EPC).
  • RFID Journal - An online and in-print source of information and news about RFID.
  • RFID Solutions Center - In addition to being a place where RFID testing and education can occur, the RFID Solutions Center (a division of Alien Technology) has partnered with the Center for AutoID for educational and research purposes.
  • RFID Update - An online source of RFID news. RFID Update also has a free subscription that will deliver the news to your email.
  • Dr. Sam Guccione's RFID Video Compliation.


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