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Lab Facilities

readerThe Automatic Identification Lab is set up to conduct various forms of testing and research. Whether a company wants to validate the performance of a piece of AIDC equipment or just wants outside confirmation of a proof-of-concept test, the Lab can help. We have a wide range of AIDC equipment that can be used to assist with product selection and pilot projects.


Our facilities include an Anechoic Chamber, certified bar code verification equipment, an RF frequency analyzer, multiple brands of AIDC printers and scanners, as well as manufacturing and fabrication facilities on-site. These facilities allow us to provide services such as RFID tag and reader performance verification, lacunDPM application and reader verification as well as different product performance comparisons.  These services and others give clients the opportunity to try out AIDC equipment and technology to find out what would work best for them.

vfoDue to The Lab’s equipment inventory, examples of many types of AIDC equipment are already on hand. Because of this, a smaller budget for labor only, rather than labor and equipment, is required when conducting research and pilot projects at The Lab.

Lab Equipment in Use

The following video clips are examples of our students using the Lab's equipment in their classes.

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