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Scholarship Recipients

The Friends of India Endowment has sponsored the work of many individuals from around the world on Indian related topics. Their research and insight into various themes will enhance our knowledge in the future. We have honored these individuals through financial support and acknowledgement for their interests in lifelong learning and their willingness to share their wisdom.

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Below are the recipients of Scholarships from The Friends of India Endowment:

2010: Travel grants for Winter quarter were awarded to Anna Stewart who traveled to India to teach English. Nicole Shanks, who spent her weeks conducting an internship on youth programs with a non-governmental organization called Act Now for Harmony and Democracy and Jeannie Faulkner, who conducted volunteer work teaching English at the Tibetan Children's Village School.

2007: Friends of India Endowment awarded travel grants to five students .The students were Tabassum Khan, Dennis Culbert, Zachary Pickens, Beth Skabar, and Jordan Mills Pleasant. Tabassum is conducting dissertation research on the media and Muslim youth identity in Jamia Nagar, New Dehli, India. Dennis is undertaking work on photojournalism and teaching at Gawande College. Zachary is conducting research in India on the newspaper industry for his thesis. Beth is also undertaking work in photojournalism. And Jordan is translating Bengali poetry in Kolkata, India.

2006: Friends of India Endowment gave Kamila Wasilkowska and Nileem Singh funding to conduct research in India. Wasilkowska traveled to the village of Sunkiya to do research on women joining self-help groups. Wasilkowska sent a report on her research in October 2006. Singh conducted research in India for her master program’s dissertation paper.

2005: Scholarships were awarded to Warner Asch to study Hindi in Varanasi and to Devendra Sharma to conduct research in, Bihar, on the use of Nautanki to promote social change messages. Warner shared his experiences in India during the Indo-American Friendship Dinner.

2004: For the 2004 school year, the Endowment awarded three scholarships. All three scholarships were awarded as money to help in travel expenses to India. The three recipients are: Warner Asch, an undergraduate philosophy major who will study Hindi at an Indian university. Ketan Chitnis, a graduate student who will be in India to collect statistics for his dissertation and Shrikanth Sagiraju Varma who will be teaching computer classes at GSG College in Umarkhed, India.

2003: Annie Mark was the 2003 Friends of India Scholar, she received a $1000 scholarship to aid in her travel expenses to Umarkhed, India where she is teaching tennis at Gawande College.

1999: Krishna P. Kandath, a doctoral student in the School of Interpersonal Communication at Ohio University, was granted at $1,000 travel scholarship towards his doctoral work on grassroots institutions in Indian villages.

1998: Sunanda Ray, a Ph.D. student in the Department of English Language and Literature at Ohio University. Friends of India Endowment awarded her a scholarship of $1,000 for her considerable work and research projects of Indian novels in order to promote a better understanding of Indian works in the United States.

1997: Christina G. Boyd, a Ph.D. student in Interpersonal Communication at Ohio University. She was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for her work to promote women empowerment in Indian villages.

1996: Rekha Menon became the Friends of India Endowment Scholar for 1996. Friends of India was pleased to award Rekha a $1,000 scholarship for her credentials and talent of Indian performance and artwork.

1995: Zacharias Usha was the Friends of India Endowment Scholar for his work and research on Ramayana, India. He was awarded a scholarship for $1,000 towards his research results and publication.

How to Contact the Endowment

Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Rajindar Koshal at (740) 593-2038 or email at can be made payable to Friends of India Endowment-OU Foundation and sent to the following address: