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Dr. Rajindar K. Koshal

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Ohio University

Rajindar came to Delhi, India in 1947 as a refugee when India was divided into India and Pakistan. Raj received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Delhi in India and a Master’s Degree from the University of Gauhati in India. He furthered his education at the University of Rochester where he received a second Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree in 1968. In 1965, he joined Ohio University, Athens, OHIO. He has been the recipient of several fellowships including of the research fellowship from the Indian Statistical Institute from 1971-72. In 1980 he was also the recipient of outstanding Graduate Faculty Award. He has received a number of times Irwin Distinguished paper award at the Midwest Business Economics Association Conference. He was President, Midwest Business Economics Association in 1992-93 and President of the Association of Economic Studies in 1999-2003. He got married to Manjulika Koshal in 1966 and she joined him in Athens in 1968. He was a professor of economics at Ohio University from 1974-2002 Raj is currently a professor emeritus of economics at Ohio University and continues to publish articles. Raj and Manjulika are the parents of two children Vinita and Vipin. They have five grandchildren.



Scholarships, Honors, Fellowships

Professional Affiliations

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Teaching Experience

Taught Macroeconomics and Public Finance to Ph.D. students at the Indian Statistical Institute (Planning Unit). Taught Managerial Economics and Forecasting courses in the Ohio University Executive MBA Program; also taught Principles, intermediate and advanced economics, Economic History, Mathematics for Economists, and International Trade Courses. I have also taught Economic Development, Statistics, Econometrics, courses in the Quantitative Methods Department and Special Honors College Courses. I have taught a course in Economics in the MBA program. I also taught Economics of Transportation and Economics of Environment. In addition I taught courses in experienced Teacher Programs at a summer NSF institute. I also participated in a study abroad program in Italy in 1968. I have also taught Economics of Health Care.

Administrative Experience

Professional Work Experience

I worked for about five years with the planning Commission, Government of India. I was connected with various studies dealing with economic planning, especially transport planning. During the preparation of the Third Five Year Plan, I acquired practical experience in the formulation of plans. I drafted the railroad section in the Third Plan.

I was also associated with various studies undertaken by the Committee on Transport Policy and Coordination, which was set up by the Government of India in 1959 to recommend a long-term transport policy for the country with respect to various economic and other relevant factors; I assisted the Chairman on field trips and in discussions with various state governments.

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