History and Origin:


India and the United States are the world’s largest democracies.  Since India’s independence in 1947 the relationship between the two countries has grown substantially to include many aspects such as trade, economic assistance, diplomatic, cultural and scientific exchanges. However, many people feel that there are lots of myths and misconceptions that need to be resolved. Therefore, in 1986, the faculty and students along with members of the Athens community who shared similar sentiments created the Friends of India Endowment to develop a better understanding of India and the United States.

The Friends of India Endowment

An effort to develop a better understanding of India in the U.S.

Ohio University, Athens,Ohio


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To achieve our objective of creating a better understanding between the United States and India the Friends of India Endowment undertakes many activities including:

  • Awarding Indian and American Students Grants for Indian Studies

  • Sponsoring an Indo-American Friendship Day

  • Providing funds to school libraries for books about India

  • Sponsoring the Know India Contest 

  • Sponsoring scholars to speak on topics that enhance understanding of India

  • Providing a Hindi class each quarter for Ohio University students





  Board of Trustees

Suresh Agrawal, MD

Elizabeth F. Collins, Chairperson

Haley Duchinski, Ph.D.

Ashok K. Gupta, Ph.D.

Krishna Kool, Ph.D.

Raj K. Koshal, Ph.D.

Sheila Marks

Amrijit Singh, Ph.D.

Advisory Board

R.K. Jain

K. Krishnamurhty, MD

Vinay Nagpal

Chandra Sekar, MD









How to Contact the Endowment:

Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Rajindar Koshal at (740) 593-2038 or email at friendsofindia@ohio.edu.Checks can be made payable to Friends of India Endowment-OU Foundation and sent to the following address:


                         Friends of India Endowment

                         C/o Rajindar Koshal

                         364 Bentley Annex

                         Ohio University

                         Athens, Ohio 45701