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Curricular Resources


Curricular Resources


Please find below curricular resources the Planning Committee would like to share with you to enhance and to enrich your experience at International Education Week events.



I Shall Not Hate by lzzeldin Abuelaish

  • Dr. Abuelaish's background, childhood, and involvement with the Arab-Israeli conflict, the 2009 shelling of his home which killed three of his daughters and niece, and how he reconciles his past with a commitment to promoting messages of peace and forgiveness.  Relates to: advocacy, anthropology, communication, community health, conflict resolution, education, global studies, health administration policy and professions, journalism, medicine, peace studies, political science, social work, sociology, urban planning, women and gender studies, world religions and more.


BBC News: "Gaza: Life without borders."

  • 2001 article summarizes the challenges Dr. Abuelaish faced earlier in his life, as border closings and resistance made it difficult to continue his medical work.


Journeyman Pictures/YouTube: "The Gaza Doctor."

  • 17 minute documentary includes at times graphic and intense news footage from the shelling of Dr. Abuelaish's home, including his live on-air reaction, his return to his destroyed home, reaction and interviews regarding violence in the area, and Dr. Abuelaish's work and message.


NPR: "Palestinian Doctor's Peace Efforts Turn To Anguish."

  • Article from 2009 summarizes the attack on Dr. Abuelaish's home, references scenes from the above clip. The article then discusses Dr. Abuelaish's role as peacemaker, doctor and politician prior to the attack.


University of Regina: "Forward Together Lecture 2014"

  • Video of a lecture given by Dr. Abuelaish. Dr. Abuelaish speaks passionately about the necessity of each individual to seek cooperation, responsibility, and education actively, even when facing the most extreme adversity and difficulties. He emphasizes how he reconciles his extreme loss with taking the opportunity to vocalize human values to others, in hopes of preventing future attacks.  His powerful message inspires peaceful action and hope for a shared future.


Daughters of Life Foundation

  • Organization founded by Dr. Abuelaish in memory of his 3 daughters and niece, aimed to support and advance the education and health of the women in the Middle East.


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Disaster, Conflict, and Society in Crisis - Dorothea Hilhorst (ed). 2013. DISASTER, CONFLICT, AND SOCIETY IN CRISIS. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-64082-4


A Doctor's Quest - Roedde, G. (2012). A Doctor’s Quest: The Struggle for Mother-an-Child Health around the  Globe. Toronto: Dundurn