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Global Health Case Competition


The Ohio University Global Health Case Competition is a unique opportunity for Ohio University graduate and undergraduate students from multiple disciplines to research global health issues and develop innovative solutions to global health challenges. The winning team will receive sponsored travel to participate in an overseas global health activity to implement their solution in collaboration with the competition partners. The main aim of this competition is to promote awareness of 21st century global health issues, introduce students to diverse factors that impact decision-making, and encourage students from different disciplines to collaborate on solutions. Teams will receive details about the specific case two weeks before the actual competition day in November. The Global Health Case Competition is sponsored by the Ohio University Global Health Initiative, a partnership of the College of Health Sciences and Professions and the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.



The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all areas of study at Ohio University. Students must be enrolled as full-time students for Fall 2014-2015 at the main or regional campuses. Post-doctoral fellows are not eligible to participate. Teams must be composed of four students from two or more Ohio University Colleges. Each team must draw from at least four different academic disciplines. There are three options for registration:

  1. Individual registration -  Individual students will have the opportunity to form a team with other interested participants with the facilitation of the Global Health office.
  2. Partial team registration - Two or three students may register as a partial team.  The students will have the opportunity to form a full team with the facilitation of the Global Health office.
  3. Full team registration- Four students may register as a full team. Full teams must represent at least two different colleges and four different academic disciplines.


All students are responsible for registering individually for the case competition.



October 3, 2014

Kickoff event

October 20, 2014

Deadline to register as individual

October 27, 2014

Deadline to register as a team

November 6, 2014

Release of the case details and competition rules and guidelines

November 20, 2014

Case competition day

TBA (May/ June 2015)

Winning team travels to implement their intervention

TBA (Fall 2015)

Poster development and presentation




Teams must be composed of four members from at least two OU colleges and from four different academic disciplines. All graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.

Attend the "kickoff event" to meet other participants who want to form teams.

Register as an individual by October 20, 2014

Sign up your team by October 27, 2014.

All team members must be present at the competition.



Individual Registration  Please click on the hyperlink for individual registration.  All students are responsible to register individually for the case competition.  You will have the opportunity to list potential team members, but team sign-ups must be done on a separate registration (see Team sign-up below).  

Team sign-up  Teams are encouraged to have a "team name" and also nominate a "team contact person."  The team contact person/team member must sign up their team members by clicking on the Team Sign-up hyperlink.  Information including first and last names, college, discipline/major and OU email address must be entered for all team members.    




Kickoff Event- October 3, 2014 - Meet the organizers; speak with other students interested in forming a team.

The Global Health Initiative will organize Skype calls or online meetings with the competition partners once the case details are released.



Rules and guidelines will be released by November 6, 2014



The case will be released by November 6, 2014. Teams have until the day of the competition, November 20, 2014, to work on the case.

Teams are encouraged to use a variety of sources including library, web, course notes, and textbooks.

The teams will be judged on creativity, innovation, cultural appropriateness, clarity, quantitative and qualitative analysis, implementation strategies, and delivery.

Analysis and recommendations should be presented in a manner that clearly and concisely covers all criteria.

Upon return from the global health site the winning team is expected to present their results and experiences at different events at OU. This may include poster development and presentations.


Competition Day

When: November 20, 2014

Where: TBA

Judges: Judges will include OU faculty.

The time allocated for each team’s presentation will be announced with the rules and guidelines closer to the event date.

Case site


All students should be aware that if their team wins, they must be available to travel for the case implementation and research in early May or June, 2015.