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International Education Week 2018

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Awards for Excellence in Global Engagement


The International Education Week Committee at Ohio University is soliciting nominations for three Awards for Excellence in Global Engagement.  The awards recognize faculty, staff, and alumni for their outstanding contributions to international education, global competency, cultural understanding and/or international programs at Ohio University or in their fields or disciplines. The award is sponsored by Senior International Management Team and administered by International Education Week Committee and the Office of Global Affairs.


One faculty, one staff, and one alumnus award will be given each year. An annual award ceremony will take place during International Education Week in mid-November. The faculty and staff recipients will receive a plaque and $1,000 to support their professional development endeavors. The alumni recipient will receive a plaque and a travel allowance to fully or partially cover the cost of travel to Athens to attend the award ceremony.


Past Winners


Faculty Award

Nominees must be current or former full- or part-time faculty at Ohio University (Either Group I or II) or emeriti faculty who have demonstrated excellence in promoting international education and global engagement in at least one of the following areas: 

  • Teaching: Nominees must have demonstrated a commitment to international education though their primary course work or through special topic courses they have developed at Ohio University. Identifying innovative educational opportunities and inspiring colleagues and students to engage globally are important hallmarks of suitable nominees.
  • University/Community Service: Nominees must have demonstrated commitment to the promotion of international education through the development and leadership of study abroad programs at Ohio University, involvement with student organizations that have promoted global awareness on campus, outreach to the campus community with the intent to educate community members about Ohio University’s commitment to global education, or building institutional capacity at home or abroad through their leadership capacities.
  • Research:  The nominee must demonstrate that they have an “international presence” in their area of research either through partnerships with international universities or presentations of their research at international conferences.


Staff Award

Nominees must be current or former full-time or part-time staff members at Ohio University (either classified staff or administrators) who have been instrumental in advancing significant international understanding, global engagement, or international education at home or abroad. Innovation, creativity, and inspiration in promoting global education, cultural understanding, intercultural teaching and learning, and/or development of international learning among students, staff, and faculty are important hallmarks of the nominees in this category.


Alumni Award

Nominees must be Ohio University graduates who must demonstrate outstanding contributions to global education and international programs offered through the University. Nominees must have been instrumental in strategically advancing Ohio University’s reputation as a recognized global leader.



All nominations must be made by current or former members of Ohio University's faculty or staff, or alumni. Nonimations are due by August 31.


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The award announcement will be made in October and a celebration will be held during International Education Week in mid-November. For more information, please contact the Office of Global Affairs at