Sheila Chelimo, Ph.D.

Shelia Chelimo
Associate Director, Assessment Systems & Analytics
316 Lindley Hall, Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701

As the Associate Director for Assessment Systems and Analytics, Sheila Chelimo supports OHIO’s institutional effectiveness efforts by implementing assessments strategies that offer insights into students’ outcomes and engagement through indirect assessments. OHIO University places a premium on student success. By creating a system that supports efforts channeled towards student learning and engagement, she collects data to support evidence that generates inferences about student success using diverse educational measurement approaches. Sheila oversees the administration of institutional and national surveys, analyzing the data and disseminating these results to relevant stakeholders.  Through collaborative action, Sheila strives for the data produced to be viewed and used as institutional assets that promote continuous improvement across the institution. She holds a Ph. D in higher education. Her area of scholarly research interest is in using applied measurement approaches to assess quality of educational programs in higher education. She is an ardent R user.