2006 International Conference on Perpetual Pavement 
September 13-15 2006
Hilton Columbus at Easton
Columbus, Ohio

Chair's Welcome Message

On behalf of the executive and technical committees, we welcome you to the International Conference on Perpetual Pavement.  The value of perpetual pavement is evident.  Construction and remediation are expensive in terms of material and labor.  Additionally, cost, inconenience, and hazards generated through road work are a major concern.
Government and private agencies have devoted significant resources to identify characteristics of perpetual pavements and find better ways to design and build pavements to ensure long life.  At this conference, many experts will be sharing the results of their research, analysis, and implementation to the benefit of all conference participants.
One of the conference highlights is The 2005 Asphalt Pavement Alliance Perpetual Pavement Awards.  The awards recognize outstanding pavement examples and will be presented at a special luncheon.
We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to meet many experts in the area of flexible pavement and to learn some of the latest knowledge and best practices.

Gayle F. Mitchell, Ph.D. P.E.
Neil D. Thomas Professor
Ohio University
List of Papers

Proceedings CD
A CD with all conference proceedings may be purchased for the price of $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  Please email orite@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu if you would like to place an order.