Drug Free Workplace Reminder

In compliance with the US Department of Education Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, the university must notify faculty and staff annually of its drug and alcohol policies and resources available to those seeking assistance for drug or alcohol issues.

Information regarding the university’s commitment to maintaining a drug free workplace and learning environment can be found below and via the online Drug Free Workplace Notice.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact University Human Resources at (740) 593-1636.

Drug Free Workplace:

Ohio University Human Resources is dedicated to keeping our campus a safe working environment and would like to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits that drug-free workplace programs bring to employers, workers and communities.

Spreading the word that working drug-free works to:

  • Prevent accidents and make workplaces safer
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Encourage people with alcohol and drug problems to seek help

Drug-free workplace programs help protect employers and employees alike from the potentially devastating consequences of worker alcohol or drug abuse. Establishing policies, educating about the dangers of alcohol and drug use, deterring and detecting use, and urging people to seek help for alcohol and drug problems are smart safety strategies. They're also smart business strategies.

Ohio University strives to maintain a safe environment for our students, employees and our University community. You may review our policy #41.133.  

Please visit:   http://www.impactemployeeassistance.com/   {Member Login Username: ohiouniversity]

Choose 'Addiction & Recovery' from the Balancing menu to access a variety of resources.

You may also CALL: 1-800-227-6007. Impact Solutions have professional, master-level counselors who answer the phone and can assist employees and their family members to seek help. There is no cost to use the EAP program.

If you have questions regarding our EAP, or require assistance, call Human Resources at (740) 593-1636 for assistance.

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