Benefits Allows Mid-Year Election Changes due to Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The IRS recently issued guidance that employees can make changes to their health plan elections during a plan year due to an employee or covered family member obtaining health insurance coverage through one of the State insurance exchanges.

Accordingly, the university has updated the summary plan description of its health plans to allow for this election change.

The updated summary plan descriptions are available on the HR web site: 

PPO Plan (non AFSCME)

AFSCME Members

The new language in the summary plan description states the following:

Special Plan Year 2013-2014 Mid-Year Election Changes Due to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): An employee may make a one-time change to their plan year 2013-2014 health insurance enrollment (begin coverage, change coverage tier, or drop coverage) to comply with the ACA individual coverage mandate or due to obtaining health insurance coverage through a State public health exchange.

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