COMP 2014 Update

University Human Resources (UHR) continues to make progress in the COMPENSATION 2014 PROJECT, a project designed to establish a consistent job-classification system, introduce a new market-based pay range structure, and provide career-path direction for our administrative/professional and classified non-bargaining unit employees on all campuses.

On November 19, the collection of job documentation concluded with 99% employee participation. This is a huge accomplishment for the University! Thanks to the Human Resources Management Group (HRMG) for making it happen! UHR Compensation will continue to work with the HRMG to collect job documentation for positions that have been vacant or for employees who have changed positions during Phase III of the project.

UHR Compensation and AON Hewitt have begun the next step in process, which includes sorting and reviewing the online questionnaires, consolidating positions into job families, and creating updated jobs for the administrative/professional P staff and classifications for the classified staff.

As the job documentation process is finalized, the foundational work will begin to redefine Ohio University's compensation strategy for the administrative/professional and classified non-bargaining unit pay structures, the project will then move to the market analysis phase, which will take place in early 2013.

Questions regarding the project can be emailed to

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