The following information is for retirees of Ohio University.


If eligible, healthcare is provided through your state retirement system. Visit the appropriate website below to learn more. Healthcare is not available to Alternative Retirement Plan participants.

Supplemental Retirement Accounts

If you contributed to a 403(b) &/or a 457 retirement account while employed with Ohio University contact your provider for details on accessing your account .

Life Insurance

Coverage through the University discontinues at Retirement. Information was sent from your Benefits office about the option to convert your Life Insurance into an individual policy. Premiums are determined by Minnesota Life and coverage is based on their approval. OPERS and STRS may also provide a death benefit which is based on a retirant's years of service credit.

Educational Benefits

Continue for retired employees and their qualified dependents. This currently includes benefits for Hocking College for the retiree. (Subject to change by policy).

Email Account


Contact Parking Services for more information regarding converting your permit to a "retiree" hangtag. There is a cost associated with this permit.

Library Privileges

If interested in using Library Materials, inform the customer service desk at the library that you are a retired employee, this may be something that you have to update annually.



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