Timeline/Review Cycle for Classified Staff


Timeline/ Review Cycle

 April        May      June

July   Aug   Sept

Oct   Nov

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Planning & Goal




 Year-End Review
(Forms are due in
UHR by April 1)

Fiscal Year Ends   

Fiscal Year Begins

Planning & Goal Setting
Form Reference: Performance Planning Form
April   May   June

A. The supervisor and employee review the employee position responsibilities as described in the Job
      Information Questionnaire (JIQ)

       1.   Compare position description to current responsibilities; update JIQ as necessary

2. Highlight any employee responsibilities that directly affect the university/department/division mission, values, and goals

a. Review university mission, values, and goals

b. Review department/planning unit mission, values, and goals

B. Discuss Seven Competencies

1. Use behavioral statements to facilitate supervisor/employee feedback

2. Employee should read and discuss measures to be used in the performance management review.

C. Goal-Setting

1. Supervisor and employee draft employee goals together by completing the Performance Planning Form (#PM2) to include:

a. Work to be accomplished during year

b. Time-line for work assignments, if appropriate

c. Initiation or further development of one or more specific competencies (preferably where there are areas of challenge)

2. Establish measures for each action with periodic coaching/feedback time-line

3. Goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound

D. Feedback Opportunities

1. Supervisor and employee may agree to use multiple assessors (feedback from those not having direct supervisory responsibility but with whom employee interacts). OPTIONAL

2. Supervisor and employee must reach agreement on the use of the Supervisor Feedback Form (#PM3). OPTIONAL Click HERE for further details regarding the use of this form3. Employee may wish to use Employee Self Evaluation form (#PM5) and the Employee Activity Journal (#PM4) to provide feedback to the supervisor.

4. Establish a plan for coaching/feedback sessions. (These sessions can be built into performance management planning form.)




A. The supervisor and employee should meet at regularly scheduled coaching/feedback sessions

1. Clarify issues, expectations, adjust goals

2. Establish and maintain opportunities for informal feedback



Mid-Year Review  

October    November  

ORM REFERENCE: Performance Management Review Form (#PM1)
Performance Planning Form (#PM2)



A. Supervisor and employee refer to the Performance Planning Form (#PM2) (Completed during the Planning & Goal Setting Phase)

1. Discuss progress toward achievement of work goals and competency development

B. Review time-line and discuss measures. Make necessary adjustments. Questions and issues to be considered include:

1. Are measures and time-line still reasonable?

2. Have there been changes in the work environment necessitating changes in time-line and measures?

3. Have work and/or competency goals been achieved? 

4.  Can new duties be assigned based on skill acquisition?

   5. Review of resources for achievement of work and competency goal

   6. Note necessary changes to performance planning form (#PM2) if needed.

C. Supervisor prepares Mid-Year Review (#PM1) form. Employee and supervisor discuss, sign and file. Use to prepare Year-end Review.



Year-end Performance Management Review
FORM REFERENCE: Performance Management Review Form (#PM1),
Performance Planning Form (#PM2), Employee Activity Journal (#PM4)
& Employee Self-Evaluation Form (#PM5)


A. Employee has the option to complete the Employee Activity Journal (#PM4) and the Employee Self-
               Evaluation Form (#PM5) to include:

1. Progress toward fulfilling work expectations

2. Progress toward fulfilling competency development

3. Self-evaluation of support for mission, values, and goals of the university, department/division

4. Requests for professional development opportunities with regard to further competency development

B. Supervisor prepares draft of Performance Management Review Form (#PM1) after reviewing completed Employee Self-Evaluation Form (#PM5) and multiple assessors' feedback (if appropriate).

Performance Management Assessment                       DUE in UHR April 1st

A. Supervisor reviews with employee original Performance Planning Form (#PM2) for the past year

1. Discuss multi-assessor evaluations (if appropriate)

2. Discuss employee's self-evaluation

B. Review supervisor's draft Performance Management Review Form (#PM1).

1. Discuss unrealized goals, work, or competency development

2. Compare results achieved against agreed-upon goals

3. Discuss competency strengths and weakness

4. Discuss understanding of policies, procedures and programs.

C. Supervisor prepares final Performance Management Review Form (#PM1) for employee's comments and signature.

D.upervisor and supervisor's supervisor sign report and file. Classified forms are filed with University Human Resources and Administrative forms with the department.

Impact on Wellness
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