Rating Performance for Classified Staff

The final overall performance rating should be translated into one of the following levels: exceeds expectations, fully meets expectations or falls below expectations.


What do these ratings really mean? Click here for examples for each role.


Exceeds Expectations
Employee clearly and consistently exceeds the communicated expectations of the job function, responsibility or goal. Demonstrates unique understanding of work beyond assigned area of responsibility; contributes to the organization's success well beyond job requirements. Identifies needs and provides unique, innovative and workable solutions to problems.  Achievements and abilities are obvious to subordinates, peers, managers and customers.


This level represents consistently exceptional performance or achievement beyond the rating of fully meets expectations and should be reserved for those individuals that consistently go above and beyond expectations. This rating requires written supportive information.


Fully Meets Expectations
Employee fully achieves expectations. Independently and competently performs all aspects of the job function, responsibility, or goal. Performance consistently meets the requirements, standards, or objectives of the job. Occasionally exceeds requirements. Results can be expected which are timely and accurate. Recognizes, participates in, and adjusts to changing situations and work assignments.


This level represents solid, fully competent performance and is where the majority of employees will fall.


Falls Below Expectations
Employee fails to meet expected job standards and must show change in performance to competently perform most aspects of the job function, responsibility or goal. Needs improvement in several areas of consistent weakness. Problem areas should be monitored and documented. Requires guidance and direction to fully achieve responsibilities and objectives.


This rating requires written supportive information and development of a performance improvement plan.


Note: This level may include new employees (less than one year) that exhibit appropriate progress in the course of learning the job functions or responsibilities, however, improvement is required for employee to fully "meet expectations."


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