Numerical Rating System for Administrators

The numerical rating system rates two categories; task and relationship. The task rating reflects the level of goal achievement. The relationship rating reflects the manner in which the achievement goals were accomplished.
  • TASK: What did you accomplish?
    Accomplishes predetermined goals, meets commitments and deadlines; provides quality work/outcomes; accepts accountability for completing work assignments; applies knowledge and expertise, analytical skills, creative thinking and business acumen to best meet customer needs/objectives.

    The Task evaluation is essentially achievement of goals and/or related responsibilities outlined in the job description.

  • RELATIONSHIP: How do you work WITH and THROUGH others?
    Maintains frequent, open communication and does so in a cordial manner; develops effective working relationships within department and across the university; maintains positive relationships with coworkers and customers/constituents; respects and values diversity of constituents.

The supervisor will report one rating for the Task category and one rating for the Relationship category. The rating choices are: Exceeds Expectations= 3, Meets Expectations= 2 and Needs to Improve= 1. Ratings are reported as: task, relationship.

For example, an employee who Meets Expectations (2) for both Task and Relationship would receive the following rating:

Category: Task Relationship
Rating: 2 2

Rating Performance: Definitions and Examples


reward levels worksheet
distribution of rewards/base pay increases*

This worksheet is to be used for two purposes:

  1. To aid the president's cabinet in determining annual merit distribution.
  2. To aid supervisors in making pay distribution decisions in their respective units or departments.

What & How
Task, Relationship

Percentage Pay-Out Guide**

Top Level


2nd Level


3rd Level


4th Level


Requires Performance Improvement Plan

Bottom Level


Requires Performance Improvement Plan

* This concept can be applied at modest pay raise amounts e.g., 2.5% to 3.5%.
**The president's cabinet will determine the the aggregate pay rate pool each year; then, each Manager, Director and/or Planning Unit Head will be responsible for pay distribution and a balanced budget; University Human Resources will annually report results to Planning Unit Heads.

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