Employee Payroll Information

  1. Checklist of items that the payroll office needs from employees
  2. Partime/Overload Appointment Information
  3. Retirement Information
  4. Non-voluntary payroll deductions
  5. Voluntary payroll deductions
  6. Grad Student Payroll Dates
  7. Tax Withholding Schedule for Taxable Fee Waivers (See page 2)
     2016-17 Fiscal Year
     2017-18 Fiscal Year
  8. Payroll Calendars
    Bi-weekly and Semi-monthly Deposit and Processing Dates, Fee Waiver Tax Withholding Schedule, OGA and Faculty Pay Dates
  9. Are you a resident or non-resident alien? If so, read this
  10. Paid time off
  11. Helpful Resources
    Documents and Memos, Related Offices, Senates and Tools
  12. Policies & Notices
    Recently Revised Policies, Required Notices, Guidelines