Relocation Procedures for Hiring Managers

The respective departments have the full responsibility to determine the need and applicability of relocation compensation for each new employee.

For information regarding acceptable relocation expenses and expense limits:
IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses

To initiate the relocation process:

  1. The department submits the Hiring Form via PeopleAdmin.  The Hiring Form must include all relocation details including the account number to charge the funds to. 
  2. Once the Hiring Form is received in University Human Resources, UHR will notify the employee via email of the relocation amount awarded and the process for claiming those funds.
  3. A copy of the employee’s offer letter, if applicable, is to be sent to University Human Resources, Attention Jen Tate or Ana Tomas respectively.

The employee is responsible for coordinating and scheduling a mover, if that is the chosen method for the move.  Human Resources may assist with connecting the employee with an approved mover who may offer discounted rates for OHIO employees.

For information on funds that are requested to be paid, contact:    

Faculty: Jennifer Tate 740-593-0065
Staff: Ana Tomas 740-597-2699


NOTE: Changes to Relocation Funds effective January 1, 2018

  • All funds are payable directly to the employee only and are paid on the first available pay check following the request for funds.
  • All funds paid to the employee are processed as taxable income.
  • Relocation funds are paid as a one-time payment for the full amount of the award.

Employees may utilize relocation expenses up to two years from their hire date. Employees are responsible for maintaining and reporting receipts relative to their personal tax returns in order to take advantage of applicable tax credits.

Questions may be directed to University Human Resources 740-593-1636.

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