Relocation Procedures for Hiring Managers

The respective Department has the full responsibility to determine the need and applicability of relocation compensation. For guidance regarding types of expenses covered and expense limits, please refer to Policy 41.111, Relocation Expenses.

The Purchasing Department of University Business Services secures and manages the contracts of preferred providers for relocation services. University Human Resources (UHR) manages the process of relocation utilizing the preferred providers.

1.    Notify UHR (Jennifer Tate, or 740.593.0065) and forward the following information via email:

a.    A copy of the offer letter

b.    A copy of the signed repayment agreement

c.    Phone number and e-mail address of new employee

d.    Account number to charge the relocation expenses.

e.    Appointment form in PeopleAdmin must be completed.

Upon receipt of information, UHR will contact the employee to explain and coordinate the relocation options of direct university payment to the moving company arranged by UHR or direct payment to employee via check. (EMPLOYEES MAY UTILIZE BOTH)

2.    If employee elects the recommended moving company, UHR will facilitate communications with the moving company. Once the move is complete, the moving company will bill Ohio University Human Resources directly – the departmental account will be charged up to the maximum amount stipulated in offer.

3.    If employee elects the direct payment option, UHR will facilitate the necessary paperwork to complete the process. 

 It can take up to 7-14 business days to receive the payment via check or employee can fill out a direct deposit form to have it deposited in their checking account within 7 business days

Department will be charged for full amount of direct payment at time check/direct deposit is issued.

Employee will be taxed (as income tax) on the amount of the direct payment which will be deducted from first pay check.

Employee may utilize relocation expenses up to two years from hire date and is responsible for maintaining and reporting receipts with their personal tax returns to take advantage of applicable tax credits.

Questions may be directed to Jennifer Tate (740.593.0065).

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