Ohio University policy permits individual departments to provide relocation assistance to facilitate the movement of new, benefits eligible faculty and staff to Ohio University.  However, it is not our intention to provide full reimbursement for all expenses incurred as part of the relocation but to assist new employees with reasonable and actual costs associated with the move.  Departments are responsible for determining the need for, applicability of, and the amount of the relocation compensation, not to exceed the maximum of $18,000.

This program helps Ohio University to remain competitive by attracting a pool of talented applicants to meet the ever growing needs of Ohio University and its programs.

Relocation funds are paid directly to the employee, via payroll.  They are paid in one lump sum and will be added to the employee’s first pay check with all applicable taxes being withheld.

Under special circumstances when an advanced payment may be necessary, that payment will also be issued as a one-time payment directly to the employee in accordance with the Ohio University relocation policy.  However, the amount of the payment will be added to the employee’s first pay check as income so that applicable taxes can be withheld appropriately. Please contact University Human Resources for additional information regarding special advanced payment requests.

Relocation Repayment Agreement

Prior to relocation funds being dispersed, the employee must sign a Relocation Expense Repayment Agreement and submit it to University Human Resources, Room 103, located at 169 W. Union Street.  It may also be faxed to 740-593-0386, attention Employee Service Center. 

The repayment agreement remains in-tact for two years from the start of employment or until the end of the employee’s appointment, whichever comes first.  Please review Ohio University policy #41.111 for further details on the repayment schedule.

To Request Relocation Funds:

Employees will receive an official offer letter from Ohio University which specifies the total amount of relocation funds awarded.  To request these funds to be paid, please e-mail or call:

Faculty: Jennifer Tate 740-593-1636 
Administrators: Ana Tomas 740-593-1636

If choosing to use a moving service, a list of Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) approved vendors is provided for convenience under the “Quick Links.”  The employee is responsible for scheduling the mover and payment for services. 

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the University Human Resources Employee Service Center at 740-593-1636.

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