Separating from OHIO: Voluntary

Voluntary= You are leaving at your own choice by retiring, resigning or fulfilling a limited term appointment. 

Provide to your supervisor as soon as possible, but not less than two weeks prior to termination, a written notice of your intentions.  A letter including your signature or a signed Separation Form may be submitted.

University Medical and Dental Plans

Medical, including vision, and dental plans may be continued in accordance with COBRA, which provides for temporary continuation of coverage. COBRA rates represent the full cost of the health and dental insurance costs.  Contact the Benefits Office at 593-1636 for information and to enroll.

Vacation & Sick Leave Payouts

If eligible, payment for accrued and unused vacation is paid out in accordance with policies 41.000 and 41.001 at time of termination, generally in the pay period following the termination date.  The vacation payout may be rolled into a tax-deferred annuity to reduce tax liability – contact your 403b or 457 provider to make such arrangements. 

If retiring from Ohio University, sick leave will be paid out in accordance with policies 40.029 and 40.030; otherwise, sick leave will remain on record for 10 years and can be transferred to other state agencies by contacting the UHR Records Office at 593-1636.


Retirement Plans

Each plan is different, but you may have options available to transfer or receive a refund of your balance.  Contact your ARP vendor, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS-OH), or Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) directly for more information regarding your options.  If retiring, contact your plan to arrange retirement date and payment options.

University and Departmental Resources

Make arrangements with your supervisor or department representative to return all university or departmental resources such as:

  • Parking Pass
  • Building, room, car keys
  • University ID
  • Purchasing Card
  • Bobcat Cash – close account
  • Bobcat Calling Card
  • Electronic equipment such as computers, pagers, cell phones, etc.
  • Library materials
  • Department or University Tools

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