Dual Career Expectations

What to Expect

  • The recruiting department -will notify the Dual Career Network of the need for assistance and will provide as much information as possible about the candidate and partner.
  • The department will send any pertinent information to the Network, including the resume, curriculum vitae and other information.
  • The recruiting department will ask that the partner makes the initial contact with the Network to begin receiving program services.
  • The recruiting department will be encouraged to keep in contact with the Network for periodic updates on the progress of the job search.
  • When the initial contact is made with the partner, the Network will go through a placement questionnaire to find out what kind of position is being sought.
  • The partner will also be encouraged to keep in regular contact with the Network. The partner will be instructed to conduct an active job search using the Network as one source of information.

2017 Faculty & Staff Resource Fair
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