FAQs: Position Information Management

Did implementing Position Information Management change the way we recruit and hire people?
No, positions are merely assigned a number so that a history can be accumulated in Oracle HRMS. You will continue with your current internal processes for approving and recruiting positions.

What positions are "benefits eligible?"
A working definition is that the person is current, active in Oracle and has a "People Group" (The first part is "BENEFIT_PROGRAM" and the second part is "BENEFIT_PROGRAM_LEVEL") entry that matches one of the following:

- Class NBU|Full
- Class NBU|PT Full
- FOP|Full
- Faculty|Full
- Faculty|Retiree
- Other Appt|Full

What criteria are used to decide who is eligible for Full, Part Time Full or Retiree Benefits?

The employee must be one of the following:
- A Full Time Regular or Full Time Term Classified
- A Part Time Regular Classified
- A Full Time Regular Administrator (9,10,11 or 12 months) aka Group I Admin
- A Part Time Regular Administrator (9,10,11, or 12 months) aka Group II Admin
- A Re-employed retiree Admin (not healthcare bene)
- A Full Time Regular Faculty -- aka Group I Faculty
- A Part Time Regular Faculty -- aka Group I Faculty
- A Part Time Term Faculty -- aka Group II Faculty
- A Full Time Term Faculty -- aka "visiting" faculty Group IV Faculty

What does a position number look like?

What do all the segments mean?







position number

planning unit

full time or part time

classified, administrative or faculty

auxiliary or general fund or restricted fund

version of this position

When will I use the Position Number? Do I need to know my own number?
The only time a position number is needed is when a position is being filled, changed, or abolished. Budget unit managers have access to a report that lists the currently filled and vacant positions in their unit. The report is also used for budgeting processes. You do not need to know your position number for any reason, but if you are interested, please ask your budget unit manager to provide it to you.

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