Employee Involvement at OHIO

As part of our constant strive to foster an inclusive, welcoming workplace, OHIO is home to various involvement opportunities for faculty & staff including:

Employee involvement - OU Women Portrait 2015

On-campus and Community Programming

Calendar of University Events

The Calendar of University Events (CUE) is a central location for all OHIO-sponsored activities from training sessions to community events and everything in between! Managed by University Communications and Marketing, the calendar allows users to add events to personal calendars, send text and email notifications about events, and publicize events via social media and RSS feed. Anyone with an OHIO ID can add an OHIO event on the CUE!

For more information, email calendar@ohio.edu.

WOUB Community Calendar

The WOUB Community Calendar includes a wide array of events focusing on primarily on community and non-profit events in Athens and Southeast Ohio. Users can submit their own events through the “Add Event” button at the top of the page. WOUB approved and may lightly edit submissions to fit the format of the calendar, but users can include graphics and artwork and include a Google map for their event venue. The events on this calendar are also used by WOUB announcers for radio broadcasts.

For more information, please contact WOUB at woub@woub.org.

Employee involvement - Concert Under the Elms 2012

University Senates 

Administrative Senate

The Ohio University Administrative Senate is an elected body representing administrators at Ohio University. Senate's purpose is to "promote and enhance the profession of university administration and, specifically, the profession at Ohio University. We are committed to providing a collective and independent voice to those having administrative responsibilities in the conduct of the educational mission of the University."

For more information, or to learn about other involvement or committee opportunities, please email admin.senate@ohio.edu. Please note: committees are chaired by Senators but committee membership is open to all OHIO administrators. 

Classified Senate

The Ohio University Classified Senate is an elected body created to provide a formal mechanism for ongoing discussion, information exchange, and consultation on matters concerning classified employees at Ohio University.

For more information, or to learn about other involvement or committee opportunities, please email classified.senate@ohio.edu. Please note: committees are chaired by Senators but committee membership is open to all OHIO classified staff. 

Faculty Senate

The Ohio University Faculty Senate is an elected representative body that acts on behalf of all Ohio University faculty on matters related to university planning, governance, and resource allocation. As a key partner in University governance, the Senate provides representatives to all relevant University committees, boards, and task forces. Additionally, the Faculty Senate provides a forum for the Ohio University faculty to participate in discussion about their concerns.

For more information, or to learn about involvement or committee opportunities, please email faculty.senate@ohio.edu

Employee involvement - Service Awards 2016

Employee Involvement Groups

American Association of University Women

AAUW seeks to empower girls and women and provides a variety of networking and advocacy tools to support women’s voices by hosting a variety of programs and meetings to enrich our members’ well-being, social network, and circles of influence. Locally, AAUW Athens provides programs focused on STEM education and advocacy, such as Tech Savvy for middle school girls and sponsors various scholarships for girls and women. AAUW Athens also partners with local organizations to strengthen the programming available to empower women and girls in the Athens area and beyond. Nationally, AAUW provides grants and fellowships to continue to support women’s education, equal pay, and ending violence against women, among many other issues.

All are welcomed to join. For more information, please visit the national web site at www.aauw.org or email the leadership of the Athens branch at aauw@ohio.edu.


Council of Employees and Staff of African Descent (COESAD)

COESAD is an informal volunteer group geared towards Faculty/Staff and Grad Students of Color at Ohio University. While there is not a formal meeting schedule, COESAD will host periodic educational "Brown Bag" Lunch discussions around topics of interest as well as create opportunities for fun social activities after work hours.

For more information, or for upcoming event details, please visit the COESAD Facebook page or contact Kellea Tibbs at tibbs@ohio.edu


Latino Caucus

Ohio University’s Latino Caucus promotes the equitable participation of Latino/a/x faculty and staff at Ohio University and generally in higher education, provides a network of support for Latino/a/x faculty and staff to assist their professional advancement and success, and supports and encourages Latino/a/x students’ access to and success at Ohio University and beyond. All OU faculty and staff members who support this mission are welcome and invited to join.

For more information, please contact Dr. Marlene de la Cruz-Guzman at delacr@ohio.edu.


OU Women’s Group

The Ohio University Women's Club is a social organization for women who work at Ohio University and the spouses/partners of Ohio University employees. The Women’s Club provides a unique support system to members of all ages, sharing passion for and support of the Ohio University and Athens communities. With interest groups offering monthly wine tastings, lunch uptown, dinner parties, book clubs and movie nights, there is something for everyone.

For more information, please visit the Women’s Club website or Facebook page or email ouwc@ohio.edu

Employee involvement - Multicultural Faculty Welcome 2017

Mentoring, Development, and Continuing Education

Professional Development Pathways (PDP)

In support of our vision, and to support each employee’s pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and professional growth, Ohio University has developed a comprehensive framework for professional development called Professional Development Pathways (PDP). 

PDP provides tools, guidance, and learning opportunities for employees and supervisors who want to invest in talent development and career growth. Through this program, competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) required for success are clearly defined, specially-designed training and certificate programs add structure and excitement to the development journey, and meaningful development discussions and on-the-job learning experiences are encouraged. 

For more information, please visit the Professional Development Pathways website.

Summer Institute for Diversity Education (SIDE)

The first program of its kind in southeastern Ohio, the Summer Institute for Diversity Education (SIDE) is a 30-hour curriculum session that uses intercultural communication techniques to promote cross-cultural learning and builds diversity education and facilitation skills. SIDE is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding and inclusiveness, while addressing the needs of campus, local and regional professionals who are interested in and committed to advancing mutual understanding and cultural competence.

An abbreviated 5-hour session, Executive SIDE, is also available. For more information on either program, please contact Amanda Graham at grahama4@ohio.edu.

Women Leading OHIO

Women Leading OHIO is an early career faculty and staff development designed to address and reduce the confidence and leadership gap that exists for women in higher education. This program, which lasts for a full academic year, is cohort based and includes workshops, guest speakers, networking and social opportunities.

For more information, please email womenscenter@ohio.edu

Women’s Mentoring Program

The Women’s Mentoring Program is a two semester-long program in which student mentees are paired with a female mentor in their personal and professional fields of interest during the Fall semester. Mentors and mentees decide on the format of their mentoring relationship and the time commitment they wish to make, but all are required to meet at least once a month, face-to-face, and to attend four cohort events each year, including the meet and greet, spring kick-off and mentor appreciation dinner.

Mentor applications from OHIO faculty and staff are accepted throughout the year, and are available here. For more information, please contact the Women’s Center at womenscenter@ohio.edu

Employee involvement - SIDE Workshop 2014

If you would like to have an engagement opportunity or involvement group added to this page, or if you have updated information for anything listed here, please contact Cat Russell, HR Liaison, at 740-593-0766 or russelc4@ohio.edu.