CDP Program Overview

Study Time

If you are in class 3 hours each week then you need to prepare to spend 3-6 hours each week reading, studying, and preparing for class.  For additional information on studying, please visit these four Web sites:



To be successful in this program, class attendance is required.  To receive the maximum benefit of this program, class participation and full preparation before class are expected.  Cohort classes will be scheduled during the first two time slots of the day (8:35-9:30 a.m. MWF whenever possible).  Program classes will be scheduled between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM and Mon-Fri whenever possible.  However, please be prepared to spend time on team presentations and projects outside of traditional business hours.  Individual team members will be expected to fully participate and complete assignments.


The UHR professional development program with certification consists of six classes completed in six consecutive semesters=1class/semester including one class in each of the consecutive summer sessions for a total of two years (Levels 1 and 2 are selected and completed).

Program Benefits

The combination of working with your colleagues and the increased skill and knowledge from class time, reading, and studying will produce a plethora of program benefits.  Taking classes will also help you better understand the student experience and some of the challenges they face while attending Ohio University.  Program benefits start with increased skills and knowledge to enhance your current responsibilities as well as being better prepared to apply for other posted positions on campus.  The benefit of attending class with your peers in the cohort portion of the program will be further enhanced with time in the classroom with traditional students—the best of both worlds for jobs in academia!

Program Prestige

The successful completion of this program reflects commitment to excellence, professional development, and becoming the best employee possible.  As an employee within an institution of higher education, this program will provide participants with tangible rewards (UHR professional development certificate) and intangible rewards (skills and knowledge).  Rewards include documented proof of your dedication, hard work and initiative; an increased ability to meet new job requirements and opportunities; and better prepared to apply for new university positions.

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