How will this Project Affect You?

 The Compensation 2014 Project launched in April, 2012. The project which covers approximately 1800 employees, will impact our current administrative/professional and classified employee pay plans. Below, impacted employees can find a summary of what this project will mean for them:

  • A freeze of job evaluations began on May 17, 2012.
  • The evaluation of job descriptions for new or vacant positions for purposes of the employment process is an exception to the freeze. 
  • There will be an audit process in the new plan, but the intent is that the new plan will reduce the audit demand. 
  • Part of the project was to collect accurate job descriptions for our current administrative/professional and classified employees.
  • The University will continue to follow current policies until the new plans are designed.
  • No employee's current base pay rate will be reduced.
  • Market information has been carefully considered in the development of the new pay structures.

We appreciate your assistance in completing a project that will improve our ability to recruit and retain talented employees. If you have any questions, please contact the Compensation Project Team at