Listening Summary

As part of the COMP 2014 Project, AON Hewitt conducted interviews with 8 different focus groups and conducted individual senior leadership interviews with the President, Provost, VPs, Deans, and a group conference call with the Regional Deans.

The focus groups were representative of the types of jobs at Ohio University included in the scope of the COMP 2014 Project. The groups were: Library, A/P Individual Contributors, Administrative Assistant Job Family, Managers, Faculty Directors/Chairs, Regional Higher Education, Administrative Senate Members, Other Classified Jobs.  

The purpose of the senior leadership interviews was to solicit feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the current processes, discuss future needs, and provide insights into the attractiveness of alternative design solutions.

The Listening Summary document summarizes the information gathered as well as comments as to whether or not our themes tend to exist in higher education in general. The results of the focus groups will be used to guide the COMP 2014 Project team in developing a compensation strategy for the A/P and Classified staff.

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