Classified Job Audits/ Evaluations

The goal of a classification plan is to ensure that all jobs are appropriately classified (defined) and compensated fairly. Please refer to policy #40.040 Job Classification System for more details. 

TIPS regarding job evaluations and classifications: 

  • Classifications are not the same as job descriptions; many employees are in the same classification, but all have individual Position Descriptions.
  • The focus of a job evaluation is on basic function and key duties and responsibilities of the position, not performance of those duties.
  • Only permanent duties are considered, not “temporary” duties.
  • Work assigned temporarily or in another employees absence is not evaluated.
  • The type of work, not the volume of work, is key.
  • Performance is irrelevant. It is the job being evaluated, not the person in the job.
  • Evaluations are based on current duties, not future expectations.
  • The job being evaluated is compared to other jobs in the area, the department, similar classifications throughout the university and the external labor market.