Benefits Spotlight

Each month the Benefits Office will feature various topics relating to your health benefits and wellness.

March 2012: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Want to eat better? Game on!
For a lot of people, the month of March is all about basketball. And pizza. And nachos. And deep-fried chicken wings. But your diet doesn’t have to be busted just because your brackets are. Yes, you can eat healthy, nutritious foods — even at tournament time.
March is Nutrition and Healthy Eating Month. Before you gain a sweet (or salty) 16 pounds, check out the attached information. Because with knowledge and a bit of willpower, making healthy choices is an easy layup.

Future Topics include:

  • National Cancer Control
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Men's Health
  • UV Safety
  • Immunization Awareness

  • Cholesterol Education
  • Women's Health
  • Diabetes
  • Prevention Awareness

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