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July 2012: Sun Protection

  • Protect yourself against skin cancer pdf_icon
    When Little Orphan Annie sang "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow,"
    she, of course, didn't intend it to be a stern warning to her fellow
    orphans and Daddy Warbucks to put on their sunscreen – but it
    should've been. After all, more than 90 percent of all skin cancers
    are caused by sun exposure.1 You should be familiar with the
    dangers of the sun or the warning signs of skin cancer. It could
    save your life.

  • Fun in the sun starts with SPF 15! pdf_icon
    All skin types need protection.
    It's okay to go out in the sun, but cover up when you do. The sun reflects off of water, sand, cement and grass; and regular, heavy exposure can damage every skin type.

  • Sun Well: Protecting Your Skin pdf_icon
    Simple tips for sun-safe skin.

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