Winter Break Closure

The Winter Closure Plan (WCP) calls for closure of the University from December 25th through January 1st each year.

  • Day 1: December 25, Christmas Observed

  • Day 2: December 26, President's Day Observed

  • Day 3: December 27, WBC

  • Day 4: December 28, WBC

  • Day 5: December 29, WBC*

  • Day 6: January 1, New Year's Day Observed

*Depending on your years of service and employment type, you may be required to use one day of vacation time during the WBC. Please refer to Policy #41.001, and to the "Guidelines for Vacation and Winter Closure Time".

Classified Hourly Employees

The listing of classified employees who are required to use vacation on December 30, 2017 will be posted in mid-December.

Administrative (Hourly)

The  listing of administrative hourly employees who must report vacation on their Workforce timesheets for December 30, 2017 will be posted in mid-December.


Administrators (Salaried)

Payroll systems will not grant vacation time accrual to administrators on their December 31st paycheck who have 1 or more years of continuous service as of December 25. Those administrators with less than 1 continuous year of service as of December 25, will accrue
a vacation day for the December 31st pay. This means that salaried Administrators do not need to submit paid time off in MPI: Absence Management for the 4th day to use vacation as required.
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