Parental Leave Program

The Parental Leave Program was initially created as a pilot program in January 1, 2013. The university is currently transitioning the program from pilot to official policy. The university will follow the below guidelines and FAQs until a formal policy is in place.

The parental leave program allows benefits-eligible faculty, administrators, and non-bargaining unit classified staff to take advantage of a total of 12 weeks of parental leave for a single event birth or adoption (single or multiple children). The university will pay for six weeks of parental leave at the employee’s current salary rate. The other six weeks will be unpaid but can be covered by accrued vacation time and/or sick leave, if available and appropriate according to Ohio University guidelines.

If both parents are benefits-eligible faculty, administrators, or non-bargaining unit classified employees of Ohio University each can use this benefit. The leave time, in this instance only, can run concurrently or consecutively but it is not transferable from one parent to another.

Directions for initiating participation in the Parental Leave Program are available here.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions is available here.

Units seeking resources to help defray the costs of covering employee duties during parental leave should complete a replacement cost application, which is available here.

Please note that the program does not cover students (undergraduate and graduate). However, resources exist to help student through an adoption or birth. A list of resources is available here.


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