Pilot Parental Leave Program Guidance

1. Who is Eligible?
Faculty, administrators, and non-bargaining unit classified staff who are benefits eligible.

2. When Does the Pilot Program Come Into Effect?
Births or adoptions on or after January 1, 2013 are covered by the pilot program.

3. What is the Triggering Event for Adoption Under the Pilot Program?
Adoption is defined as beginning when the child is placed in the home for the purpose of adoption.

4. What is Provided Under the Pilot Program?
Eligible employees can take up to 12 weeks of leave. Six weeks of paid leave will be provided via parental leave time. The remaining 6 weeks will be unpaid or paid via sick/vacation time usage if available.

5. How will the Program Apply to Part-time Employees?
Part-time benefits-eligible faculty and administrators receive 12 weeks leave pro-rated based on FTE. Part-time benefits-eligible non-bargaining unit classified staff will receive the benefit at 0.5 FTE (following the guidelines established for all other benefits for non-bargaining unit classified staff).

6. How will the Program Apply to Spouses or Partners who are both University Employees?
Two university employed spouse/partner parents can take leave concurrently or consecutively. Only in this instance can parental leave extend to 24 weeks if the parents choose to take all available time consecutively.

7. When Must Parental Leave be Taken?
Leave must be taken within the first 12 weeks of post-birth or placement for adoption (excepting two university employees who are spouses/partners).

8. How Does FMLA and University Holidays/Closures Affect Parental Leave?
Parental Leave is concurrent with Family Medical Leave (FMLA) and any holiday or university closure.

9. What Paperwork is Required for Parental Leave?
Forms to initiate participation in the Pilot Parental Leave Program may be found on the HR Form Page You will be required to submit an "FMLA Application Form" and the "Pilot Parental Leave Form." If you plan to work part-time you must submit the "Pilot Parental Leave Part-Time Form." If you plan to use unpaid leave, you must submit the "Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form."

10. Will Employees on Parental Leave Receive Compensation Outside their Regular Employment Period?
Faculty/staff will only receive pay for their regular/main employment period/contract. For example, if an individual's employment is on a regular 9-month term, paid parental leave must be taken within that term.

11. When will Employees Hired after January 1, 2013 be Eligible for the Pilot Parental Leave Program?
12 months from their first day of employment.

12. Can Employees be Required To Work Part-Time During Parental Leave?
Only the employee can choose to work part-time during her or his parental leave. A supervisor/chair/director cannot require an employee to select a part-time option.

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