1.  Who is eligible for the Pilot Parental Leave Program?
All benefits-eligible faculty, administrators, and non-bargaining unit classified staff of Ohio University employed prior to January 1, 2013 will be eligible for parental leave starting on their first workday in 2013 as long as the triggering event (birth or adoption placement) occurs on or after January 1, 2013.

For benefits-eligible faculty, administrators, and non-bargaining unit classified staff of Ohio University starting work on or after January 1, 2013, the employee must have one year (12 months) of continuous service to be eligible for the Pilot Parental Leave Program.

2.  When is the first date that I can apply for parental leave?
January 8, 2013.

3.  How do I apply for parental leave under the pilot program?
You will need to fill out and submit two forms—the "FMLA Application Form" and the "Pilot Parental Leave Form." In addition, if you intend to exercise the part-time option, you will need to fill out the "Pilot Parental Leave Part-Time Form." If you also plan to use unpaid leave, please fill out the "Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form."  All of the forms are available on the HR Form Page http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/index.cfm.

4.  Can I submit the forms electronically?
No, the forms must be completed in a hard copy and submitted to HR with all necessary signatures.

5.  What happens to my benefits while I am on parental leave?
During paid leave time, there will be no change in your benefits and how they are paid. During any unpaid leave (i.e. time that is not covered by vacation time or sick leave), there will not be any change in your benefit coverage. However, if you take longer than 2 weeks of unpaid leave,  the HRIS system will automatically place the missed premiums in arrears. Arrearages will begin to be withheld from the next pay check in amounts up to 20% of the balance in arrears. This is in addition to the regular premiums normally withheld.  Arrearages will be collected until the balance owed is fully withheld and the employee is current on their premiums. 

Please visit https://www.ohio.edu/hr/updates/benefit_arrears.cfm  for more information on arrearages.

6.  What if I am not eligible for this benefit but want to take time off?
If you are not eligible for the parental leave benefit, then you may apply for an unpaid leave of absence through your supervisor (HR form entitled "Unpaid Leave of Absence Request" at http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/index.cfm#l). You may also be able to use sick time or vacation time as available and allowed.

7.  How long after the birth or adoption do I have to take parental leave?
All parental leave (paid and unpaid) must be taken within the first 12 weeks post-birth or placement for adoption. The only exception to this rule is when both parents are benefit-eligible employees.

8.  What happens if the birth or adoption takes place at a time outside of my regular employment or contract period?
Paid leave can only be granted during your regular/main employment or contract period. For example, if an individual's employment is on a regular 9-month term, paid parental leave must be taken within that term.

9.  What if I want to work part-time during my leave?
You may elect to work part-time during the 12 weeks of parental leave time. If you choose to work part-time, you will need to fill out a "Pilot Parental Leave Part-time Work Form." http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/index.cfm Some templates have been created that may be helpful in developing a part-time leave plan with your supervisor/chair/director.

10.  In addition to the 6 weeks paid by the Pilot Parental Leave Program, is it possible to be paid for the remaining time off?
Paid time off in addition to the 6 weeks provided by the pilot program can be taken as accrued vacation time, sick time, or personal time, as allowed by Ohio University's paid time off policies and FMLA. Contact Carlotta Hensler in Human Resources to discuss further (hensler@ohio.edu).

For supervisors of employees taking leave:

1.  What are my obligations as a supervisor to an employee who wants to participate in the Pilot Parental Leave Program?
Supervisors should be sensitive in their discussions with employees about their plans for parental leave and work to accommodate their participation in the program. As a supervisor, you cannot determine the nature and duration of an employee's leave.  

If you want assistance in working with an employee about arrangements for her or his parental leave, please contact Carlotta Hensler in Human Resources (hensler@ohio.edu). Employees are being encouraged to contact their supervisors as soon as possible to allow for advance planning for their absences.
2. What if an employee wants to work part-time during their leave?
Employees have the option of working part-time during their leave. Employees who want to exercise this option will be asked to fill out a part-time work plan form that must be signed by their supervisor. Sample templates of what a part-time schedule might look like are available.

3. What if I need to hire a replacement?
The university will help units defray the cost of a replacement for a six-week period. To apply for these funds, please complete the resource form application and submit as indicated.

For Students:

1.  As a student (graduate or undergraduate) can I apply for parental leave?
Students are not eligible for the parental leave benefit. However, students who experience a birth event or adopt are urged to use existing student-specific resources available at Ohio University. Please see the student resource page for more detailed information.

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