Guidance for Faculty

Group I and II

a. Faculty who do not meet the requirements of one year of continuous service may petition for a leave of absence per the Faculty Handbook (http://www.ohio.edu/facultysenate/handbook). You should begin this process with your Department/School Director.

b. The Pilot Parental Leave Program provides each eligible faculty member with up to 12 weeks of parental leave time (6 weeks paid) related to the birth or adoption of a child.

c. Leave must be taken within the first 12 weeks post-event (birth or placement for adoption). The only exception to this rule is when both parents are benefits-eligible employees.

d. The utilization of these 12 weeks is at the discretion of the faculty member within the program guidelines. A faculty member can choose not to use all 12 weeks. For example, s/he can elect to use only the 6 weeks paid time, which can be taken as one block of time or as part-time throughout the 12 weeks. Suggestions for part-time utilization can be found here. A part-time plan must be negotiated with the faculty member's chair/director. The plan must be submitted using the "Pilot Parental Leave Part-time Form." http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/index.cfm

e. Faculty members are encouraged to meet with their chair/director as soon as possible in order to allow the Department/School to plan for their absence.

f. If you feel that you need assistance speaking to your chair/director, please visit the general resources page for help.

g. Forms to initiate participation in the Pilot Parental Leave Program may be found on the HR Form Page http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/index.cfm. You will be required to submit an "FMLA Application Form" and the "Pilot Parental Leave Form." If you plan to work part-time you must submit the "Pilot Parental Leave Part-Time Form." If you plan to use unpaid leave, you must submit the "Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form."

h. A set of Frequently Asked Questions has been prepared to help employees who are considering participation in the Pilot Parental Leave Program.

Group I – Pre-Tenure

According to the Faculty Handbook (http://www.ohio.edu/facultysenate/handbook), Group I probationary faculty are eligible to petition for an extension of the tenure clock related to pregnancy/childbirth (Section II.H.6). Extensions are granted by the Promotion & Tenure Committee of the Faculty Senate, based upon the recommendations of the Department/School, the Dean, and the Provost. When granted, extensions are for one year. You should begin this process by speaking with your chair/director.

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