Directions For Applying

Directions for Applying for Parental Leave during the Pilot Program

  1. Speak with your supervisor/chair/director as soon as possible to allow her/him sufficient time to plan for your absence.  Some general resources relating to issues relating to conversations about parental leave have been compiled and posted.

  2. Review the Pilot Parental Leave Guidelines.  Additional guidance is available for faculty and for administrative and non-bargaining unit classified staff.

  3. Fill out the "FMLA Application Form" found on the Human Resources Forms page

  4. Fill out the Pilot Parental Leave Form

  5. For unpaid time: If you are taking accrued vacation or sick time, fill out the "Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form" found on the Human Resources forms page and secure the appropriate approval. If you have any questions about unpaid leave, please contact Carlotta Hensler at

  6. If you have elected to work part time during your parental leave, please review the suggested templates for part-time work and then complete the "Pilot Parental Leave Part-Time Form."

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