Vision Coverage

Two vision plans are available to employees through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The VSP Standard is a “base plan” with coverage similar to current vision plans, and the VSP Enhanced is a “buy-up” plan with increased coverage. Premiums are required for each plan. Visit Vision Coverage in the Benefits Guide to review coverage and premiums.  

Please note: VSP does not cover frames and contacts in the same plan year.

Your VSP Vision Benefits Summary

New for 2018-19!

Several coverage levels in the Enhanced Vision Plan have increased. The retail frame allowance has increased to $200, the featured frame allowance has increased to $250, the elective contact lens allowance has increased to $180, and standard progressive lens are now covered in full. 

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield provides an annual Preventive Vision Screening (No deductible 100% reimbursement in-network, No deductible 70% reimbursement out-of-network).

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You can also shop online for vision care needs through VSP’s EYECON!C web site:

For further details, visit the VSP website or call VSP at 1-800-877-7195.

In order to receive your vision benefits, follow the convenient steps below:

  1. Call a VSP member doctor for an appointment and identify yourself as a VSP member. You aren't required to complete any up-front paperwork or obtain a benefit form.
  2. After you've scheduled your appointment, the VSP member doctor will contact VSP to verify your eligibility and plan coverage. The doctor will also obtain authorization for services and materials. If you're not eligible for benefits at that time, the doctor will communicate that information to you.