Benefits Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the one time each year you can enroll or make changes in your healthcare benefits. Otherwise, changes may only be made if a qualifying family status change  has occurred. The annual enrollment period is held
each year in the Spring.

Any enrollment changes made during the enrollment period will be effective July 1.

An individual email will be sent to all benefits eligible faculty and staff with more information and further instructions once the Open Enrollment period begins. During Open Enrollment you can make changes to your Medical, Dental and Life coverages and re-enroll/enroll in a Flexible Spending Account for the next plan year.

Dependent Documentation Required
Those who add a dependent during open enrollment must submit proper documentation (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.). Visit for a complete listing. Documents may be sent via campus mail to Human Resources, ATTN: Benefits, HRTC or mailed via US mail to:
   Ohio University Human Resources
   ATTN: Benefits
   169 West Union Street
   Athens, OH 45701-2979

Please include the employee name and employee ID# on any documentation.

If you fail to provide required dependent verification documentation, the dependent will not be enrolled and you must wait the next open enrollment period to enroll your dependent.


Athens campus Faculty and Staff are automatically assigned parking benefits and charged for a parking pass.

Those who opted out of parking last year will not have to opt out again.

Visit the Parking Services website beginning April 10 to review your parking enrollment.

Life Insurance
We ask that all benefits eligible employees update their life insurance beneficiary each year during the Open Enrollment period.

A beneficiary can be any individual(s). Please note: you may also name trusts, estates or other non-individuals but these, as well as individuals in which you do not have a social security number will need to be documented on a paper beneficiary form.

This is the first year that we are utilizing My Personal Information to designate life insurance beneficiaries, therefore it is not unusual that you would need to create a record for a current beneficiary. (You will be able to enroll/unenroll dependents in coverages and designate/undesignate beneficiaries in subsequent forms.)

Frequently Asked Questions may be found at: If you don't find an answer there email Open Enrollment Meetings and Open Computer Labs will be scheduled and announced during the Open Enrollment period. 

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