Supplemental Retirement Accounts (SRA)

A Supplemental Retirement Account, SRA, gives you the opportunity to supplement OPERS, STRS, or ARP retirement plans. Ohio University offers a choice of companies with which you may enroll in a 403(b) tax deferred annuity or 457 deferred compensation plan.

How Does the SRA Program Work?

You allocate a portion of your pay to be invested by your annuity provider. This amount is deducted before taxes are applied.

  1. Contact one of the annuity providers affiliated with Ohio University.
  2. Review your investment opportunities and decide, within certain legal limits how much of your income you want to invest.
  3. Complete the Salary Reduction Form with the annuity provider and submit to the Payroll Office.
  4. Your contribution will be deducted from your paycheck and forwarded to your annuity provider before federal and state taxes are applied.

Advantages of a Tax-deferred Savings Program

 Two advantages of participating in a tax-deferred savings program are:

  • A portion of your income is withheld from your salary and invested before state and federal income taxes are applied.
  • All of the earnings from the pre-taxed income accumulate tax-free. Tax-free investing allows you to accumulate income and earnings without paying taxes owed until the money is withdrawn. They are then taxed as ordinary income and the taxes are paid in the tax-year in which the withdrawal was made.

Provider Listing

Click here to view a listing of approved supplemental retirement account providers.


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